Tough on Itches. Gentle on Skin.

Enjoy ultra-satisfying skin invigorating bliss with America's best-selling premium back & body scratcher

If you have itchy skin due to a medical condition, or simply enjoy the sensation of scratching, the bearback is for you.  The bearback is safe enough for the most sensitive skin, but feels amazing on your entire body.


why should you try bearback?

You'll love the way it feels!  Not just on your back, but all over.  The bearback is a total body scratcher.

You'll enjoy the benefits of itch relief,  improved circulation, and exfoliation.  

The bearback's flexible and gentle bristles feel crazy good - and will not harm even the most sensitive skin.  

The bearback was built to last - if you ever have a problem, we'll send you a new one!

Amazing design:  It's as beautiful as it is functional!

Designed in the USA - where we hand inspect each unit for perfect quality. 

how about some product details?

  • 17" handle allows you to reach any itch with ease.

  • 4.5" scratching head gives ample coverage.

  • 9.5" when folded for easy storage

  • Gently curved handle provides easy reach and pressure control

  • Luxurious soft touch finish

  • Lifetime warranty

Get to Know Us!

We are a family business based in Alpharetta, Georgia.  We create unique personal care tools to enhance the quality of your life.  We love and appreciate our customers and will always go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.  Please contact us directly with any questions:

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