The bearback is the original premium quality back and body scratcher that you’ll be proud to own or to give as a gift.


A uniquely better back scratching experience.

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why should you try the world's best-selling premium back scratcher?

The bearback was thoughtfully created for you to use on your bare skin!  

You'll love the way it feels!  Not just on your back, but on your entire body.

You'll enjoy the benefits of improved circulation and exfoliation. 

Tough on itches - gentle on your skin.  The bearback's flexible and gentle bristles feel amazing and will not harm your skin!

You may have had other back scratchers that broke or were quickly forgotten...not so with the bearback - this is a high quality luxury item that you will enjoy for years to come!


Get to Know Us!

We are a family business based in Alpharetta, Georgia.  We create unique personal care tools to enhance the quality of your life.  We love and appreciate our customers and will always go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.  Please contact us directly with any questions:


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